Krispy Kreme Fundraiser, 2019

Support the Kenwood Brotherhood and enjoy some tasty treats at our Krispy Kreme fundraiser, going on through December 20th! 1 dozen glazed donuts: $10 1 dozen assorted flavors: $12 Donuts can be purchased with cash at Kenwood Academy High School or via PayPal donation. Proceeds will go towards college visits for students in the brotherhood.

Brotherhood In Bangladesh

By AR Rafiul Islam, Foreign Exchange Student – 2018 Hi Everyone,  I am AR Rafiul Islam and I’m from Bangladesh which is located in the South East Asia. I was a Foreign Exchange Student in Kenwood during the year 2016/17. High School in the United States is very different than it is in my country. […]

New School Year’s Greetings

By Dr. Shelby T. Wyatt, Chairman Board of Directors The summer is unofficially over and it’s time to return to Kenwood Academy and the Magnificent Men of the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood school based male mentoring organization. This is the 17th year of its existence. Over 800 young men have followed the discipline of Fraternity, Responsibility, […]