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Kenwood Brotherhood President 2022 - , Joshua Skelton
Brotherhood President 2022-2023, Joshua Skelton

Comment From The President

Brotherhood has been a blessing for me since my freshman year when I joined. The organization has developed me within my personality and how I present myself but most importantly my leadership. It has been a living embodiment of a quote that I have recently started appreciating: “Success is a journey, not a destination.” Throughout my time in Brotherhood, it hasn’t been a specific destination for what I thought could bring Brotherhood success, but it has been more of a journey. A couple months after I joined Brotherhood, we went into quarantine and everything changed. This was a time where it was looking like Brotherhood would not be around for any longer. A large population of the organization was graduating that year, people didn’t know whether the Brotherhood was still meeting, and Dr. Wyatt had decided to retire the year after. I even had fears that the organization wouldn’t be the same or even progress in the future but I didn’t want that to happen under my watch. During this time, I took it upon myself to try my absolute best to keep this organization alive because I saw the impact that Brotherhood had to offer for those males before me and I knew the same impact could still be applied for those who were in the organization while I was at Kenwood and even after. I was a recruiter going into my sophomore year where we were only limited to meeting virtually. It was very saddening to see that the average count of members went from 40 to 10 in a year but Dr. Wyatt taught me to think about “quality over quantity.”

So throughout that year, I had to step in any time that I needed to in order to make sure that a meeting ran as smoothly and correctly as possible while keeping members engaged. That year, I was promoted to Vice President for my ability to step in and take leadership in challenging times. Even though that year was a huge obstacle, it was needed in order to develop not only myself but the organization as a whole. My junior year is when I stepped up to the plate as Brotherhood’s president and as one of the faces of Brotherhood, I promised myself that I would bring back light to this organization. I will make sure that I can say that Brotherhood is in a comfortable position when I leave where all members and officers will understand the impact that Brotherhood can have on us males. I’ve been making sure that those who came before us are still participating and helping out with Brotherhood whenever possible. The one thing that I can say from being president of Brotherhood is that it doesn’t take a person or group to keep this organization developing but that it takes a village. It takes all of those in the organization to make sure that everyone can come in and set a legacy for those who will be next after them. We will make sure that as many people as possible know what it means when we say “Fraternity, Responsibility, Creativity!”

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