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Kenwood Brotherhood Vidoes

All the various videos we've taken over the course of the years!

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September 2019 Meetings

The 2018 College Fall Trip

Knowing which College your going to is critical, the boys are on our way to look at some

March 2019 Meetings

Learning about the Stock Market courtesy of Alumni Ryan Littleo.

February 2019 Meetings

We also went to the Chicago Bulls Basketball Game.

Holiday Social

Boys donated hats, gloves, scarves, socks for the Pacific Gardens Mission.

October 26, 2018 Meeting

Why Men don't ask for help

October 17, 2018 Meeting

First Program Evaluation

October 12, 2018 Meeting

Today we learned how to present ourselves

2018 Kenwood Brotherhood Fundraising Gala

Kenwood Brotherhood's Fundraising Gala

Kenwood Brotherhood Recruitment Meeting!

The October Recruitment meeting happened today!

September 2018 Meeting

First September Meeting of the Brotherhood

Alumni Gallery

The Alumni Meeting Happened Today!

The boys got to meet the Kenwood Brotherhood Alumni today!

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