New School Year’s Greetings

By Dr. Shelby T. Wyatt, Chairman Board of Directors

The summer is unofficially over and it’s time to return to Kenwood Academy and the Magnificent Men of the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood school based male mentoring organization. This is the 17th year of its existence. Over 800 young men have followed the discipline of Fraternity, Responsibility, and Creativity that was implemented January 9, 2004. Where has the time gone?

I’m proud of the current and alumni members for shaping this school-based organization to meet their academic, social/emotional, postsecondary, and cultural comprehension needs. I am especially grateful the Kenwood Brotherhood, Inc. Board of Directors for providing fiduciary support to make sure the current members have a unique experience. This year’s goals are to improve academic achievement, strengthen mental health awareness, introduce postsecondary opportunities, and clarify personal cultural comprehension. Our current graduate school interns represent, Adler University, DePaul University, and Roosevelt University. The 30-week curriculum has been developed around the needs/interest of the guys and includes fun activities.