Wassup with the Alumni


Original freshmen Xavier Thorns and Joshua Thompson,

1st female Brotherhood supporter Kelsey Riley

2011 class Mfon Ekot

stop by to show their support of the Kenwood Brotherhood.


Alumni Charles Martin who planned the St. Louis College Tour

Jerode Rodgers – Freestyling

Click on the link below to see

Jerode Rodgers Freestyling

Alumni – Ahmad Patterson

I joined the Brotherhood in 7th grade and I am still a member to this day. Fraternity, Responsibility, Creativity. These are the three words we live by but so many more words can describe the experience.

Dr. Wyatt and fellow brothers took me in as a friend and mentee. I instantly felt like I belonged to something bigger and that being a member would be beneficial. We spoke about being Men, our grades, life after high school and how to be respectful members of society. We had fun all the time, from simply joking around, to playing basketball, to performing in step shows and going on college tours.

There was nothing I looked more forward to than going to our meetings. I knew that once I was in those doors I would be molded into a better person and my brothers had my back. Dr. Wyatt took it upon himself to shape boys into Men and to be a Father figure and role model.

Brotherhood members are held to high standards and failure is not an option. Success and quality habits were promoted, always. To this day, I understand what a real friend and brother is (Fraternity). I understand how to be a Man and take care of my business (Responsibility). I understand how to think outside the box to stand out and make things happen (Creativity).

In May of 2015, I graduated from The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with an Advertising Degree. I have been confident with my abilities, have been entrepreneurial, and have challenged myself. I have been working full-time since college with very minimal time out of work. I have been staying very focused and not giving up.

Failures have been lessons and successes have been celebrated. I have been relentless to be successful and a quality Man. There is no doubt that the Brotherhood has changed my life, helping me become the Man I only dreamed of. I give complete gratitude and thanks to the Brotherhood and Dr. Wyatt for being there for me and being a great organization. Thank you.


Introducing the new Brotherhood Alumni

Dantawn Nicholson

(Corzail Nicholson’s brother)

with great news

Academy Award winning Brotherhood Alumni

Founding Brotherhood member Michael-Andre Smith

Michael-Andre Smith, was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. He attended Columbia College Chicago, graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Advertising. However, Michael’s heart has always been in the arts, rather it be music, dance, or acting. Upon graduating from Columbia College Michael-Andre decided to pursue a career in acting.

Thereafter, Michael-Andre received a scholarship to Green Shirt Studio, studying the Sanford Meisner Technique on acting. Michael is also a student of comedy and has attended Second City Chicago, in addition he has developed his skill in voiceover too. Michael-Andre has booked roles on Fox’s hit show, Empire, NBC’s Chicago MED, and was the official voice of the Chicago White Sox.

As Michael-Andre’s momentum has started to build, he has plans on taking his talents to Los Angeles. His focus and drive are undeniable and his conviction that Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance will keep him ready for any opportunity that presents itself. Be on the lookout for Michael-Andre Smith.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Michael-Ande Smith

Jermell Smith


Jermell Smith is an American actor known for his comedic humor, million dollar smile, and playing the boy next door that melts your heart. Growing up in Chicago, IL, Jermell would dream of being an actor while looking up to Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and Ryan Gosling. Jermell now lives in Los Angeles, CA living his dream and can be seen constantly working in TV, Film, and Commercials.

– IMDb Mini Biography By: Manager 

Chronicle Ganawah

Chronicle Ganawah is an actor, known for Captive State (2019), Unexpected (2015) and Chicago P.D. (2014).


Alumni Video – Check it out here


Original Member

Akeem Robinson and Burton Washington stopped in to check on the current Brotherhood members.

Akeem and Burton have both served the United States in the military. We were all excited to see them.


Honoring Founding Brotherhood member Evan Little!

He has supported the Brotherhood organization in so many ways since helping to create it in 2004. Here is an excerpt from his interview which is in the January 2018 edition of BROTHERHOOD Alumni newsletter.

Didn’t get your copy? You don’t have to be an alumni to receive the electronic quarterly newsletter . Email us at kenwood.brotherhood.inc@gmail.com

Back in 2004, my fellow classmates and I along with the help of Dr. Wyatt created a landscape to help transition students into the reality of high school. What started as “pizza parties on Fridays”  became more of students teaching other students. Fraternity, Responsibility and Creativity were essential building blocks we used to help build courage, self confidence and adolescent independence.

Paying it forward is the only way I can describe it. Often taking the lessons and situations that Dr. Wyatt has coached me through and putting a spin on it to make it relatable to a younger student, it built a trust within us. We took our mistakes as seniors, and created a comfortable environment where you weren’t judged by your peers, but was accepted as equals.

Throughout the years I’ve worn my involvement with the B’hood as a badge of honor. I’ve kept in contact with several members past and present and always felt welcomed as like a big family.

What once started as a project to earn community service hours has blossomed into a bond that transcends beyond a friendship. It has become a Brotherhood.

Evan Little KAHS c/o 2004


 – New Daddy-Cortez Hicks


New Screenwriter – Aaron Brooks – Florida State University


Giving Back to the Brotherhood – Evan Little

1st recipient of the Brotherhood Alumni Memorial Scholarship

Davon Minnis – Western Illinois University

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