Brotherhood WISH LIST


The Brotherhood does not receive full financial or in-kind support from the Chicago Public School System, We are supported by kind individuals like you.

Here is a WISH LIST of things that we need to make our mentoring experience more worthwhile:

1. Several lap top computers and printers to be used during our weekly meetings to research homework and participate in membership meetings.

2. Uniform dress shirts/cardigan – The shirt costs $25.00/ cardigan cost $25

3. School bus transportation to attend enrichment opportunities in Chicago (average bus cost is $250)

4. Sponsor the members to attend the Fall and Spring Break College Tours (average cost is $8000).

5. Support of the Brotherhood Alums “Creativity Scholarship” where seniors are eligible to apply for a scholarship with limited funding. Last year the Brotherhood Alums raised over $1000 to assist senior members in the Brotherhood.

6. Three PAID INTERNS to implement the thirty week mentoring curriculum ($5000).

7. Alumni Memorial Scholarship to assist the young adult college members that are experiencing financial hardships ($1500).

8. City wide training conference conducted by the Brotherhood to teach other students how to create a school based male mentoring organization ($15000).

9. Full time Brotherhood Coordinator to manage the day to day operations of the high school organization and the alumni liaison ($75000).

10. Full time Media Specialist to update the website and social media ($15000).


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