Conferences and Professional Presentations

WKKC – Kennedy King College

Radio Interview

The Brotherhood members were interviewed by Mr. Dennis Snipe, radio host at Kennedy King College on November 29, 2017. Listen to the interview at WKKC-Dennis Snipe-Kenwood Brotherhood




44th Annual Conference


We will present at this annual conference regarding the effectiveness of our school based male mentoring organization.

November 17, 2016 at 2:45 p.m.


”By Us, For Us: Infusing Wrap-Around Supports for Building a Holistic Youth School-Based Mentorship Program”


Young Men of Color Conference

Chicago Public Schools

2016 Conference

Kennedy King College

March 11, 2016



Audience of over 300 Young Men of Color from the Chicago Public School System

20160311_100833 Brotherhood members led by Mr. Reco Bates, Intern

Preparing for the presentation on how to create/manage a school based male mentoring program.

20160304_172336  20160304_172320

20160304_172312  20160304_171249

1st presentation of the day

Part 1 Young Men of Color Summit

Second presentation of the day

Tug of War – Who is the strongest AND can hold up their BROTHERS PROBLEMS?

20160311_133228  20160311_133248

20160311_133444  20160311_133613


Evaluating the Activity

20160311_133744  20160311_133834

Activity #2 – Trust Chair

Can YOU TRUST your brother to HOLD YOU UP?

  20160311_135045   20160311_135327 20160311_135119 20160311_135136

20160311_135119 – Never give up, try again

20160311_133926 – Brotherhood president Aaron Brooks asking the audience their evaluation

20160311_140121  20160311_140141

Circling UP – at the end of each Brotherhood meeting the guys circle up to see how strong is the bond. They take steps back to see if there is a WEAK LINK in the bond. If there is a weak link, a member will reach over to help the one in need.

20160311_140339  20160311_140506

Audience and Current Brotherhood members

Group Presentation – Malcom X Collge

Chicago, March, 2015

Young Men of Color Conference-2015