The Alumni Foundation was formed in May, 2007 at the 4th Annual Culminating Awards Ceremony. It’s purpose is to continue peer mentoring into young adulthood of Brotherhood alums.

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1st Recipient of the Brotherhood Alumni Memorial Scholarship

Davon Minnis – Western Illinois University, November 9, 2017

December 2017 – Alumni visit the Kenwood Brotherhood




brotherhood picnic founding membersOriginal Freshmen now seniors-2007


The Foundation meets at least four times a year. A holiday get together is held over the Christmas break in December. A spring meeting is held in March or April. All Foundation members attend the Awards Ceremony in May. An Alumni/Graduate barbecue is held the 2nd Saturday in August to bond with the new high school graduates and show a strong support for the remaining Brotherhood members.

Brotherhood Alumni CupBrotherhood Alumni Cup2nd Brotherhood Book

Please click on the “OUR STORIES” LINK to participate in the Brotherhood Book of Wisdom. All proceeds from the sale of the book will support the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood and Alumni that are in college.

Our Stories

Are you in the NEW ALUMNI VIDEO?

Click on the link →2004-2016 Alumni

The Foundation raised $2000 between themselves to support three college scholarships to Brotherhood members in 2011.

Original Freshmen now seniors-2007

brotherhood first picnic

brotherhood picnic founding members brotherhood first picnic


Calling all Brotherhood Alumni to participate in the Brotherhood Hall of Fame for the 12th Annual Culminating Ceremony on May 28, 2015 at 6:00 p.m.

alumni hall of fame invite



Check out this Youtube video by founding member Xavier Thorns. Xavier is currently in the United States Air Force stationed in Japan.
Xavier Thorns essay on the Brotherhood



Introducing Mr. Xavier Thorns, Jr.


Here is a picture of Zane Romano from the class of 2005. He attended Soka University in California. He has traveled the world. Currently he is employed by the U.S. Government as an investigative agent. Dr. Wyatt keeps saying he’s a FBI agent.

zane-romano_042414162408  Jerode rogers-2


Adding a DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN…..Airman First class ALVIN COCHRANE from the class of 2011…..   Tyrone Michaelalvin cochrane wedding

Look at the Brotherhood College students who returned to give a progress report of success.


20121230_24 kevin murph-1  Joshua Thoompson  Jordan Swanson1  Cortez Hicks  joseph laseter

kyle mcghee   demarcus hyler3  1917662_1183223905032_6129076_n

1917662_1183223945033_2531265_n   1917662_1183223865031_6336976_n  1917662_1183223825030_5985071_n  2011-2  2011-1 162904_1747692816402_153373_n  74664_1747692336390_17550_n  63465_1747692616397_1764013_n richard theriot neville jones  312591_2418086135816_859797212_n  20130311_204

Jerami Watson  Gomez Martin Muhammad  Frederick Emery

charles martin  Ahmad and Zarpka

richard theriot  basketball game 2015

basketball game 2015 circle up


Justin Hartwell Mark Davis



demetrius thomas jacarie martin

Nicholas Williams

20160511_133250   Jabari Horn

joseph newman graduation1

Brotherhood Alumni called to the 


October  29, 2016

alumni 2016

Brotherhood Alumni Christmas Social 2016

Thursday, December 22, 2016 at

Stony Palace Cafe

alumni Christmas 2016


First Brotherhood Movie

First Brotherhood Movie starring Kelsey Riley


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