15th Annual Brotherhood Culminating Award Ceremony Pictures

Our Award Ceremony was held on Thursday, May 24, 2018 at Kenwood Academy.

It was an awesome event.

It was hosted by Dean Daniels and Pierre Carll-Moton

Daniel Barrera wrote a play about Why you should join the Brotherhood.

Alexander Gray surprised the audience with a monologue on the JOKER. (He wants to become an actor).

Jason Peraia wowed the audience with his stand up comedy routine.

Trey Raines, Darrien Smith and Omar Olugbala wrote and performed original poetry on how effective the Brotherhood has been to them.

The Alumni Foundation presented alumni pins to the graduating seniors.

Jhovante Woodard and David Bonsu received the College Creativity book scholarships.

Dr. Joyce V. Brown, the MOTHER of the Brotherhood gave her annual speech of encouragement.

We said “see you later” to our foreign exchange student SafeIslam who returned to Libya.

It was a great event!

Photos are courtesy of Brotherhood alumni Darren Sanders. The Event Coordinator was alumni Thomas Lenoir. The food was courtesy of Supreme Events.


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