8 thoughts on “Brotherhood and DePaul’s growing relationship…

  1. I think the relationship between brotherhood and Depaul is very well. Once I use to think that this would be a horrible idea because it seemed like it would be wasting brotherhood’s time.

  2. i truely believe that the relationship with depaul is a good thing and will help us. it will help inform the brotherhood members about preparing for college.

  3. I think this will be a good idea because the male Initiative project will help brotherhood members think about things other than the issues pressing their lives now. this will help the younger brotherhood members think about college.

  4. I think our relationship with DePaul will help us as a group experience more opportunities. Also I believe that our partnership will help give some members an idea of what they wan to do in life.

  5. Brotherhood and Depaul relationship is really good. i think it would advancement us on free events and sponsor us well

  6. I think that the brotherhood’s and Depaul’s relationship is a great one. It allows the brotherhood to express its feelings and thoguths on a very neat website.

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