The first Brotherhood College Tour was in April, 2005. It was name the Freedom College Tour by Xavier Thorns because education is freedom. They toured Hampton University, North Carolina A&T University, and Morehouse College. They also toured some of the historical sites in Atlanta.

Here are some pictures from the 1st Freedom College Tour: 

Walking at NCAT

Ebenezer Baptist Church – Atlanta


Hampton University

Fun Times during college tour


Hampton at Booker T Washington statute

Morehouse College

Morehouse College

North Carolina A&T University

North Carolina A&T University

North Carolina A&T University


Here are older posts regarding the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood.

Brotherhood Flyer 2 REMIX

Brotherhood Flyer REMIX

Brotherhood President – Willie O’Neal

I am proud to be the 4th president for the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood. Coming in to the Brotherhood my freshman year in high school I looked at it as if it was a chill spot where I could have something to do every Friday after school. At first I didn’t take it serious, but I made sure I was there at every meeting. At our annual awards ceremony closing my freshman year the members voted me the Malcolm X leader (This award is given to a new Brotherhood member who has shown the most leadership and dedication). I learned that Brotherhood is not just an organization getting you into college; it’s getting you a college degree and helping you in the long-run. It helps African American and other ethnic groups off the streets and doing something more productive with their life.

My junior year of high school I was elected treasurer and I realized that the Brotherhood is an impressive organization. By this time I was a mentor to the freshmen and I had to be a leader. Now as the President I have my visions. I want every member to be treated as a leader and not just a member because I can’t run this organization without the members help. I know for a fact that these young men have talent and can speak their voice.

Brotherhood is a family; members shouldn’t be frightened to speak out. We are here to help better ourselves and reach our dreams one at a time.  Lastly I can see Brotherhood having more members and having a better year than the previous years.

Willie S. O’Neal

2012-2013 President

A Message From the President

As the new president of the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood I plan on helping all of the members on their journey through high school. During this journey, many of us become closer to one and other, so close it seems as if we are a family. Brother, which is part of our name, is what we all actually are. Brothers care and protect each other, but most importantly, bond with each other. This is something I plan to work on, and is also my main goal. I will also work on helping freshmen communicate  to the older members. Sometimes their voices are not heard ; everyone’s opinion is vital. One other thing I will work is making sure that the newer members realize how important it is to do good in school early, and not wait until they are about to graduate to decide to do good in school. If the freshmen members choose to do good early, they will more than likely influence more freshmen outside of the Brotherhood to do well in school as well. Helping out others is always important, and is something the Brotherhood is best at.

Christian W. Pope
President 2010-2011

A Message From the Brotherhood’s First President

Being the first president of the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood was a very exciting and difficult task. This organization has taught me what it really means to be a leader for myself, my family and also the community. I learned over the course of my four years in the Brotherhood that this organization isn’t just an organization, its became a life style for me. That means the Brotherhood makes you want to do well and succeed in life.  I hope that the president that succeeds me will have the same outlook of the Kenwood Academy Brotherhood. I wish he and the Brotherhood members much success.

Anthony M. Davis
1st Brotherhood President


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