DePaul University-Male Initiative Project

MIP DEPAUL TeeIt’s time for the DePaul University Male Initiative Project. This is a all day conference for teenage males from across the city of Chicago. The Brotherhood helped to create the MIP in 2006.


Each school can bring 20 students. The school that has the most participation usually wins PRIZES!


For more information check out the website

The first 20 GUYS that sign up online will be able to attend. You will still need to get a sign out sheet.

Sign up below.


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  • Wesley Ramsey

    I would like to attend and Im passing all my classes

  • Wesley Ramsey

    Div 451

  • chronicle ganawah

    I would like to attend and I’m passing all my classes. 559

  • I would like to attend. division 458

  • i’m going div.459

  • Im going to this Divison 459

  • Aaron Brooks

    I am attending. I am passing all of my classes. Div. 654

  • michael richardson

    i will like to attend im passing all my classes div 555

  • Michael Nelson

    I will like to attend and i am passing all my classes div. 557

  • Kandace

    I will like to attend and my div. is 561

  • Sherron Garrett

    I want to attend and is 458

  • sterling willie

    I will like to go on trip passing all classes div 459

  • justin

    i want to attend and i have no classes

  • Victor Miles

    I am passing all my classes. div 556

  • Victor Miles

    I would love to go.

  • justin

    i would love to go.

  • fred

    frederick emery 458. passing my classes

  • lorenzo johnson

    i would like to attend div 455

  • lorenzo johnson

    lorenzo johnson is attending the depaul trip div 455

  • lorenzojohnson

    im going to the depaul trip

  • Frank Reidhar

    Frank Reidhar 459. i want to attend

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